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February 14, 2013


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This looks amazing! Can't wait to try it!

When using homemade canned tomatoes, like you did, did you put the seeds/juice in as well or did you strain them first?

in terms of color and consistency, this totally looks like it! i will definitely try this recipe this weekend. thanks!

oh! one more thing...how many servings should this cover? it's just me eating the soup so i'd like to make a smaller batch to begin with. thanks!

I didn't see him prepare celery or onions, although it looked like he was sauteing them. Nor did I see anything about chicken stock. How did you get that out of the Zupa's video?

MAN, I love Zupa's Tomato-basil soup, although you are quite right! It's really Pesto soup with tomatoes. I also didn't see him roasting the tomatoes, just cutting and dicing them in a gadget. How did you understand the roasting part? Please do answer.

I did not roast the tomatoes for this soup. I used bottled tomatoes. I also did not use chicken stock. It is just an option if you decide the soup is too thick.

I scoured the web for Zupas recipe and settled on yours because I also wanted to use the canned tomatoes. I haven't even finished making the recipe yet but wanted to tell you THIS PESTO SAUCE IS INCREDIBLE! I almost had their grilled cheese mastered with muenster and cheddar cheese with a tomato, but this pesto sauce will complete it. If the soup turns out as good as the pesto sauce, it will be delicious. Thanks for sharing the results after you tried several times.

I hope you like it! Let me know how it is.

YUM! just stumbled across your blog...so fun! I LOVE this soup and can't wait to try it tonight for dinner. Thanks for sharing and for all the detailed steps. You are awesome! :)
Sharon :)

Just to let you know-- there are four main ingredients to make pesto: basil, garlic, olive oil and pine nuts. Pine nuts look exactly like slivered almonds but have a very specific taste and a much softer texture. I guarantee the chef was using pine nuts in his recipe. They're typically much more expensive than almonds and usually harder to find, but well worth it!!! If you read this message, try pine nuts in the recipe and let us know how different it is! :)

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