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April 04, 2012


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Mmmmm pour me a cup of that!

It's exactly how the make it. They steep the tea for 4min in 200 degree water and then the tea is actually cooled with cold water and refrigerated that way it does not cloud(change/lose flavor). The passion tea you use is the same exact one and they do use simple syrup. Try to make orange simple syrup sometimes it tastes really great with it.

Ooo! Orange simple syrup sounds fantastic! Thanks Emi!


Did you use both boxes of 20 tea bags...so 40 tea bags in total?

Megan- I used 20 tea bags total. There were 20 per box. I only used one box for this batch. I just happen to buy two boxes because I know Ill be making more soon! -Andrea

I am in LOVE with the passion tea lemonade and always thought about trying to make it. Thanks so much for the leg work on this one :) I use a 2:1 ratio with the Passion tea and my homemade lemonade, I am lucky enough to own a lemon tree that gives me lemons almost all year long (real simple has an amazing recipe on their website). I mixed it all in a pitcher in the fridge and love it! Thanks so much for this!

Sarah- Im so jealous you have a lemon tree! I might have to try to make a homemade lemonade now.  -Andrea

I am getting ready to make this and I am beyond excited!!!

do you think i could just make a big batch of it so i don't have to make it every time?

I havent tried to make a finished batch. The only reason I can think not do it, is if the lemonade flavor takes over the passion flavor over time. If you end up trying it, let me know how it turns out!

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